Cloud Based Big Data Infrastructure: Architectural Components and Automated Provisioning

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Demchenko, Yuri ; Turkmen, Fatih ; Blanchet, Christophe ; Loomis, Charles ; Laat, Caees de (2016)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.59159
  • Subject: Big Data Architecture Framework, Big Data Infrastructure, Multi-cloud Services Provisioning Automation, SlipStream Cloud Automation platform, Intercloud Architecture Framework (ICAF)

This paper describes the general architecture and functional components of the cloud based Big Data Infrastructure (BDI). The proposed BDI architecture is based on the analysis of the emerging Big Data and data intensive technologies and supported by the definition of the Big Data Architecture Framework (BDAF) that defines the following components of the Big Data technologies: Big Data definition, Data Management including data lifecycle and data structures, Big Data Infrastructure (generically cloud based), Data Analytics technologies and platforms, and Big Data security, compliance and privacy. The paper provides example of requirements analysis and implementation of two bioinformatics use cases on cloud and using SlipStream based cloud applications deployment and management automation platform being developed in the CYCLONE project. The paper also refers to importance of standardisation of all components of BDAF and BDI and provides short overview of the NIST Big Data Interoperability Framework (BDIF). The paper discusses importance of automation of all stages of the Big Data applications developments, deployment and management and refers to existing cloud automation tools and new developments in the SlipStream cloud automation platform that allows multi-cloud applications deployment and management
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