Normalising Medical Concepts in Social Media Texts by Learning Semantic Representation

Conference object English OPEN
Limsopatham, Nut ; Collier, Nigel (2016)

Automatically recognising medical concepts mentioned in social media messages (e.g. tweets) enables several applications for enhancing health quality of people in a community, e.g. real-time monitoring of infectious diseases in population. However, the discrepancy between the type of language used in social media and medical ontologies poses a major challenge. Existing studies deal with this challenge by employing techniques, such as lexical term matching and statistical machine translation. In this work, we handle the medical concept normalisation at the semantic level. We investigate the use of neural networks to learn the transition between layman’s language used in social media messages and formal medical language used in the descriptions of medical concepts in a standard ontology. We evaluate our approaches using three different datasets, where social media texts are extracted from Twitter messages and blog posts. Our experimental results show that our proposed approaches significantly and consistently outperform existing effective baselines, which achieved state-of-the-art performance on several medical concept normalisation tasks, by up to 44%.
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