Identification of the allosteric P2X7 receptor antagonist [11C]SMW139 as a PET tracer of microglial activation

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Janssen, B.; Vugts, D.J.; Wilkinson, S.M.; Ory, D.; Chalon, S.; Hoozemans, J.J.M.; Schuit, R.C.; Beaino, W.; Kooijman, E.J.M.; van den Hoek, J.; Chishty, M.; Doméné, A.; Van der Perren, A.; Villa, A.; Maggi, A.; Molenaar, G.T.; Funke, U.; Shevchenko, R.V.; Baekelandt, V.; Bormans, G.; Lammertsma, A.A.; Kassiou, M.; Windhorst, A.D.;

Abstract The P2X7 receptor plays a significant role in microglial activation, and as a potential drug target, the P2X7 receptor is also an interesting target in positron emission tomography. The current study aimed at the development and evaluation of a potent trace... View more
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