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The Long-Term Effects Of Inherited Wealth On Social Equality

Allen, James T.;
Open Access
  • Published: 04 Sep 2017
  • Publisher: Zenodo
It is challenging to assess the long-term effects of policies related to the inheritance of wealth, due to the long timescales involved and the importance of family-level dynamics. However,agent-based models(ABMs)now provide a useful tool for simulating the effects of alternative policies, allowing a quantitative comparison to be made. In this paper we describe an ABM simulating the long-term(up to 150 years) development of the UK population in terms of births,deaths and the passage of wealth through the generations. The parameterisation of the model is driven by publicly available data on the demographics of the UK, primarily from the Office for National Statis...
free text keywords: simulations, agent-based models, inheritance, simulations, agent-based models, inheritance
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Preprint . 2017
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