A new species of Hercostomoides Meuffels et Grootaert, 1997 from Indonesia with notes and new combinations for some Oriental Sympycninae (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)

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Grichanov Igor Ya. (2017)

The formerly Oriental genus Hercostomoides Meuffels et Grootaert, 1997 is recorded from the Australasian Region for the first time. A new species Hercostomoides bhartii sp. n. from Papua Province of Indonesia is described. Hercostomoides indonesianus (Hollis, 1964) and Telmaturgus acutatus (Yang et Grootaert, 1999) are recorded from India for the first time. The following re-combinations (comb. nov.) are proposed: Chaetogonopteron acuticorne (Frey, 1928) (Pycsymnus), C. albifimbriatum (Parent, 1932) (Sympycnus), C. apicale (De Meijere, 1916) (Sympycnus), C. appendicitum (Parent, 1932) (Sympycnus), C. argentipes (De Meijere, 1916) (Sympycnus), C. argyropus (Parent, 1932) (Sympycnus), C. arunense (Hollis, 1964) (Sympycnus), C. bisulcum (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus), C. coei (Hollis, 1964) (Sympycnus), C. collectum (Walker, 1857) (Dolichopus) [=C. triplex (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus)], C. gloriosum (Frey, 1925) (Pycsymnus), C. gummigutti (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus), C. luteoviride (Parent, 1932) (Pycsymnus), C. maculatum (Parent, 1932) (Pycsymnus), C. magnificum (Parent, 1935) (Sympycnus), C. majus (De Meijere, 1916) (Sympycnus), C. metallescens (De Meijere, 1916) (Sympycnus), C. minutulum (Parent, 1932) (Sympycnus), C. nodicorne (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus), C. strenuum (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus), C. tenerum (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus), C. thienemanni (Stackelberg, 1931) (Pycsymnus), C. vermiculatum (Parent, 1932) (Pycsymnus), Telmaturgus acutatus (Yang et Grootaert, 1999) (Chaetogonopteron), T. chebalingensis (Wang, Yang et Grootaert, 2005) (Chaetogonopteron), T. concavus (Yang et Grootaert, 1999) (Chaetogonopteron), T. dorsiniger (Yang et Grootaert, 1999) (Chaetogonopteron), T. revanasiddaiahi (Olejníček, 2002) (Chaetogonopteron), T. shettyi (Olejníček, 2002) (Chaetogonopteron), T. simplicipes (Becker, 1908) (Sympycnus) [=T. tenuemarginatus (Strobl, 1909) (Teuchophorus), =T. turbidus (Becker, 1922) (Sympycnus), =T. basalis (Curran, 1926) (Syntormoneura), =T. placidus (Curran, 1926) (Sympycnus), =T. luteicinctus (Parent, 1926) (Sympycnus), =T. apiciniger Yang et Grootaert, 1999 (Chaetogonopteron)], T. singularis (Yang et Grootaert, 1999) (Chaetogonopteron).
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