Modeling species response to climate change in sub-Antarctic islands - Echinoids as a case study for the Kerguelen Plateau.

Conference object English OPEN
Saucède, Thomas; Guillaumot, Charlène; Michel, Loïc N.; Fabri-Ruiz, Salomé; Bazin, A.; Cabessut, M.; García-Berro, A.; Mateos, A.; Mathieu, O.; De Ridder, Chantal; Dubois, Philippe; Danis, Bruno; David, Bruno; Díaz, Angie; Lepoint, G.; Motreuil, Sébastien; Poulin, Elie; Féral, Jean-Pierre;

In the Kerguelen Islands, the multiple effects of climate change are expected to impact coastal marine habitats. Species distribution models (SDM) can represent a convenient tool to predict the biogeographic response of species to climate change but biotic interactions ... View more
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