Energy metabolism and fertility—a balance preserved for female health

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Della Torre, Sara; Benedusi, Valeria; Fontana, Roberta; Maggi, Adriana;
  • Journal: Nature Reviews Endocrinology (issn: 1759-5029)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1038/nrendo.2013.203
  • Subject: Estrogen-receptor-alpha; polycystic-ovary-syndrome; nonalcoholic fatty liver; induced inflammatory response; cardiovascular risk-factors; turner-syndrome; insulin-resistance; gene-expression; food-intake; vitellogenin synthesis | Settore BIO/09 - Fisiologia | Settore BIO/14 - Farmacologia | Settore MED/13 - Endocrinologia

In female animals, energy metabolism and fertility are tightly connected, and reciprocally regulated. However, the relative contributions of metabolic and reproductive pathways have changed over the course of evolution. In oviparous animals, metabolic factors take prece... View more
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