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Manczak, Rémi; Saada, Sofiane; Tanori, Mirella; Casciati, Arianna; Dalmay, Claire; Bessette, Barbara; Begaud, Gaelle; Battu, Serge; Blondy, Pierre; Jauberteau, Marie Odile; Baristiran Kaynak, Canan; Kaynak, Mehmet; Palego, Cristiano; Merla, Caterina; Tanno, Barbara; Mancuso, Mariateresa; Lalloue, Fabrice; Pothier, Arnaud;

Conference paper entitled "High-Frequency Dielectrophoresis Characterization of Differentiated vs Undifferentiated Medulloblastoma Cells" accepted in the 1st EMF-Med World Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields. Split, Croatia, 10-13 September 2... View more
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