G&T-seq: parallel sequencing of single-cell genomes and transcriptomes

Article OPEN
Macaulay, Iain C.; Haerty, Wilfried; Kumar, Parveen; Li, Yang I.; Hu, Tim Xiaoming; Teng, Mabel J.; Goolam, Mubeen; Saurat, Nathalie; Coupland, Paul; Shirley, Lesley M.; Smith, Miriam; Van der Aa, Niels; Banerjee, Ruby; Ellis, Peter D.; Quail, Michael A.; Swerdlow, Harold P.; Zernicka-Goetz, Magdalena; Livesey, Frederick J.; Ponting, Chris P.; Voet, Thierry;

The ability to simultaneously sequence the genome and transcriptome of the same single cell offers a powerful means to dissect functional genetic heterogeneity at the cellular level. Here we describe G&T-seq, a method for separating and sequencing genomic DNA and full-l... View more
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