Application aware digital objects access and distribution using Named Data Networking (NDN)

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Mousa, Rahaf (2017)

In big data infrastructures, Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) are widely used to identify digital content and research data. A typical example of PIDs is the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). In a data centric application (such as a scientific workflow) it is often required to fetch different data objects from multiple locations. When reproducing a workflow published by community, data objects involved in the workflow often have PIDs. In this project we investigated how to optimize the fetching and sharing of DOI identified objects with Information centric networking paradigm such as Named Data Networking (NDN). In order to achieve that goal, first we presented an approach for integrating PIDs with Named Data Networking (NDN) networks. NDN identifies digital objects with their names and route them also based on their names. In addition, we proposed an approach for optimizing the NDN network’s performance using application level knowledge, such as the size, number, and order of the requested objects. We investigated the effect of ordering a group of objects in ascending or descending order according to their sizes before requesting them one by one. The results showed that the order of the requests can dramatically influence performance of fetching objects from NDN networks.
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