Low-complexity decoders for non-binary turbo codes

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Klaimi, Rami; Abdel Nour, Charbel; Douillard, Catherine; Farah, Joumana;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1109/ISTC.2018.8625359
  • Subject: Turbo codes | Non-binary turbo codes | [INFO.INFO-AR]Computer Science [cs]/Hardware Architecture [cs.AR] | [INFO.INFO-TS]Computer Science [cs]/Signal and Image Processing | correlation in decoding | asymptotic performance | [SPI.TRON]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electronics | complexity reduction | [INFO.INFO-IT]Computer Science [cs]/Information Theory [cs.IT] | bubble check | interleaving | decoding algorithm

International audience; Following the increasing interest in non-binary coding schemes, turbo codes over different Galois fields have started to be considered recently. While showing improved performance when compared to their binary counterparts, the decoding complexit... View more
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