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Mapping the neural circuit activated by alarm pheromone perception by c-Fos immunohistochemistry

Yasushi Kiyokawa; Takefumi Kikusui; Yukari Takeuchi; Yuji Mori;
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  • Published: 02 Apr 2005
We previously reported that the alarm pheromones released from stressed male rats exaggerated both behavioral and autonomic (stress-induced hyperthermia) responses in recipient rats that were introduced into a novel environment. Subsequent experiments provided evidence that these alarm pheromones could be divided into two functionally different categories based on the site specificity and testosterone dependency of their production. However, the neural mechanisms underlying these behavioral and physiological responses remain unknown. In the present study, we examined Fos expression in 26 brain sites of the recipient rat 60 minutes after the exposure to the phero...
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