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Magnetization transfer contrast imaging detects early white matter changes in the APP/PS1 amyloidosis mouse model

Marleen Verhoye; Jelle Praet; Christian Bigot; Zhenhua Mai; Disha Shah; Jasmien Orije; Annemie Van der Linden; Maarten Naeyaert; Pieter-Jan Guns;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2016 Journal: NeuroImage: Clinical (issn: 22131582, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc.
  • Country: Belgium
Abstract: While no definitive cure for Alzheimer's disease exists yet, currently available treatments would benefit greatly from an earlier diagnosis. It has previously been shown that Magnetization transfer contrast (MTC) imaging is able to detect amyloid beta plaques in old APP/PS1 mice. In the current study we investigated if MTC is also able to visualize early amyloid beta (A beta) induced pathological changes. In a cross-sectional study, a comparison was made between the MT ratio of wild type (WT) and APP/PS1mice at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 24months of age. We observed an increased MT-ratio in the cortex of 24 month old APP/PS1 mice as compared to WT mice. However, w...
Medical Subject Headings: mental disorders
free text keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, Magnetization transfer contrast imaging, Alzheimer's disease, White matter, APP/PS1, Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics, R858-859.7, Neurology. Diseases of the nervous system, RC346-429, Regular Article, Biology, Human medicine, Cognitive Neuroscience, Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging, Neurology, Clinical Neurology, Astrogliosis, medicine.disease, medicine, Wild type, Myelin, medicine.anatomical_structure, Microgliosis, Amyloidosis, Splenium, Cortex (botany), Materials science, Pathology, medicine.medical_specialty
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