ZAero - Zero defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry

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Rodriguez, Ana Rosa ; Cuenca, Jose ; Ruiz, Rocio ; Calero, Alvaro (2017)
  • Subject: Zero Defects Inline quality control Fiber Placement Dry Fiber Placement Process Course Tow

During the manufacturing process of a carbon fiber (CFRP) part in the aircraft industry defects occur. These defects are identified through inspections carried out in intermediate steps and even at the end of the manufacturing process. Due to these defects reworks need to be performed and even futilities. The aims of this project is the inline control of the defects that will be produced along the manufacturing of a stiffned surface panel. The ZAero control system consists on sensors integrated in the lay-up machine and sensors used during the infusion and resin curing processes. These sensors will detect defects that are outside the acceptance range and a response will occur. This response may be a rework as in the case of defects produced in the lamination stage or the variation of parameters produced in the infusion and resin curing stage due to the process monitoring. Three demonstrators will be manufactured. The degree of complexity will be increased in each demonstrator. The control system through sensors will make a quality control and when a defect that is outside the range of acceptance a response will occur.
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