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Varma designed ultra modern and high efficiency turbines which can use gas, steam or fuels as feed to produce electricity or mechanical work for wide range of usages and applications in industries or at work sites. Varma turbine engines can be used in all types of vehicles. These turbines can also be used in aircraft, ships, battle tanks, dredgers, mining equipment, earth moving machines etc, Salient features of Varma Turbines. 1. Varma turbines are simple in design, easy to manufacture, easy to operate and maintain. 2. Varma turbines are less expensive. 3. Varma turbines have a great power to weight ratio, compared to present turbines. 4. Varma turbines will have low maintenance costs. 5. Varma turbines will have 95% efficiency, the highest compared to any present turbines. 90 % of turbine's inside space is empty. 6. Varma turbine parts will be less prone to rust, erosion, wear and tear. 7. Varma turbines will arrest all leakages of steam, gas and water in respective turbines. 8. Varma water turbines can convert the whole potential energy in every drop of water, acquired by virtue of its position, into kinetic energy and further into electricity 9. Varma turbines will have no blades, either fixed or rotary, the complex structures of present turbines. 10. Varma turbines have common design to use gas, steam or water's potential energy as feed to generate electricity or mechanical work. 11. Varma turbines will have low noise and no vibrations because the balance of the rotating sphere and shaft is perfect. 12. The base of the turbine will be more compared to its steam intake chambers. It gives more stability to turbine. 13. Varma turbine will face less thermal and corrosion fatigue, less stress, cracking and misalignment. Basic conceptual design of Varma Turbines - There are four types of varma turbines 1. Varma steam turbines 2. Varma gas turbines 3. Varma water turbines 4. Varma Turbine engines. Read full article from -- http://turbine.net.in. This record was migrated from the OpenDepot repository service in June, 2017 before shutting down.
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