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THE CONTROL OF EPIDEMIC DISEASES.: Read before the Section of State Medicine, at the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, June, 1889.

G. T. Swarts;
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  • Published: 05 Apr 1890
By epidemic diseases we usually consider diseases which are contagious or infectious. I wish to include within this group all other diseases which may attack an unusual number of persons within a short space of time, as trichinae "poisoning," disease resulting from the ingestion of diseased meats and other foods, poisoning from canned goods, diarrhceal disease resulting from the ingestion of contaminated milk, tuberculosis as disseminated by man or infected milk or flesh of animals so diseased—in fact any sudden onset of a number of cases in which often the physician is at a loss to make a diagnosis, but which by eliminative investigation proves to be due to som...
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