Exploring the uses of ICT in education: A national survey study

Conference object English OPEN
Reuter, Bob ; Busana, Gilbert ; Linckels, Serge (2016)
  • Subject: : Education & enseignement [H04] [Sciences sociales & comportementales, psychologie] | Survey | ICT in Education | Educational Technology | : Education & instruction [H04] [Social & behavioral sciences, psychology]
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

This study aims at documenting current educational technology practices in Luxembourgish public schools and to better understand them in terms of various internal/proximal and external/distal enabling factors and barriers. It is supposed to serve as a guide for current digital education policies, strategies and actions and to assess their effects in the near and mid-term future. Therefore, an online survey was designed and deployed to all primary and secondary school teachers asking (mostly multiple choice) questions about a variety of proximal and distal influence factors and about ICT-supported pedagogical practices of teachers. Results show that teachers are willing to integrate ICT in education, that they are aware of its importance, that they feel comfortable to use ICT in everyday, but not prepared to use them for educational purposes. ICT-supported teaching remains rather teacher-centered. This has important implications for teacher training and on digital education strategies to be implemented.
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