Harbor seal vibrissa morphology suppresses vortex-induced vibrations

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Hanke, Wolf; Witte, Mathias; Miersch, Lars; Brede, Martin; Oeffner, Johannes; Michael, Mark; Hanke, Frederike; Leder, Alfred; Dehnhardt, Guido;
  • Subject: harbor seal | vibrissae | CFD | PIV | hydrodynamics | pinniped | : Multidisciplinary, general & others [F99] [Life sciences] | : Multidisciplinaire, généralités & autres [F99] [Sciences du vivant]

Harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) often live in dark and turbid waters, where their mystacial vibrissae, or whiskers, play an important role in orientation. Besides detecting and discriminating objects by direct touch, harbor seals use their whiskers to analyze water moveme... View more
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