Strain rate effects on localized necking in substrate-supported metal layers

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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/s00170-017-0344-8
  • Subject: Strain rate effect | Flow theory | Mécanique: Mécanique des solides [Sciences de l'ingénieur] | Marciniak–Kuczynski analysis | Deformation theory | [SPI.MECA.SOLID]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics []/Mechanics of the solides [physics.class-ph] | [ SPI.MECA ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [] | Substrate-supported metal layer | [ SPI.MAT ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials | Localized necking | [SPI.MAT]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials | [SPI.MECA]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [] | Matériaux [Sciences de l'ingénieur] | [ SPI.MECA.SOLID ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics []/Mechanics of the solides [physics.class-ph] | Mécanique [Sciences de l'ingénieur]

International audience; Due to their good mechanical and technological performances, thin substrate-supported metal layers are increasingly used as functional components in flexible electronic devices. Consequently, the prediction of necking, and the associated limit st... View more