Operations of human resources engagement

Master thesis English OPEN
Δημητρέλη, Αλεξάνδρα (2017)
  • Publisher: Πανεπιστήμιο Πειραιώς
  • Subject: Human resources | HR operations | Employee engagement | Performance | Productivity | Motivation

This current study, attempts to shed light on the relationship between HR Operations and employee engagement by testing the relationship empirically. More specifically, it looks at how employee engagement could be embedded into day-to-day human resources operations. Employee engagement is a topic that is repeatedly being discussed in most of the HR forums, articles and journals in the recent past. Employers recognize that truly engage and motivate employee’s produce impressive levels of innovation, productivity and performance. Indisputably, an essential factor for an organization success is its employees. Employees are the pillar of an organization (Kharkov, 2013) that represent the most valuable contribution to the production process and should receive more attention of employers and from the other levels of administration. On the other way, HR Operations oversee and handle a variety of HR -related transactions such as, HR policies and programs, recruiting, a new hire on-boarding, transfers, information system database, benefits, termination of employment etc., looking after for the tactical and day-to-day running of a simpler HR function. As such, the challenge for HR professional’s is to provide the following: Operational efficiency into daily needs of the business, in a way that directly supports the implementation of the firm’s strategy and increasing employee engagement by focusing on job satisfaction and employee commitment. The purpose of this study, is to argue that, to increase employee engagement, it needs engagement to be explicitly embedded within effective and efficient HR Operations, that offer high quality and cost-effective solutions to business and therefore individual psychological and motivational factors to employees (Albrecht et l., 2015).
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