Password cracking

Master thesis Greek OPEN
Χριστοφάκης, Μιχαήλ Κ. (2014)
  • Subject: Database security | Computer security | Data protection | Computer hackers | Computers -- Access control

Information security is the next big thing in computers society because of the rapidly growing security incidents and the outcomes of those. Hacking and cracking existed even from the start of the eighties decade when there was the first step of the interconnection through the internet between humans. From then and ever after there was a big explosion of such incidents mostly because of the worldwide web which was introduced in the early nineties. Following the huge steps forward of computers evolution till today anyone can now clearly see that security is more than ever important to everyday life. Mainly because everything happens really fast and everything is done online, from communicating with each other to transactions and so on. Finally the possibilities plus the software and hardware offered are endless today, something that gives the opportunity to a malicious person to do some significant damage. Last but not least, attention should be given to security measures and techniques to avoid unhappy situations and security awareness should be a part of everyone’s life where no one is excluded.
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