Behind the Headlines: Media Representation of Children and Young People in Northern Ireland:Summary of Research Findings

Book English OPEN
Gordon, Faith ; McAlister, Siobhán ; Scraton, Phil (2015)
  • Publisher: Queen's University Belfast
  • Subject: children | youth | media | rights

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council this partnership project between the Childhood, Transition and Social Justice Initiative at Queen’s University and Include Youth focuses on the negative stereotyping of children and young people and the role and responsibilities of the media in the creation and transmission of negative images. Engaging with children, young people, organisations working with children and young people and media representatives, the project uses research evidence to explore negative media representation and its consequences for children’s rights, public reaction and policy initiatives in Northern Ireland. This report represents a summary of the findings of engagement with 141 children and young people. It outlines how they feel they are presented by the media and the impacts of this. It concludes by noting ways forward in challenging negative portrayals.
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