Hydrogeomechanics for rock engineering: coupling subsurface hydrogeomechanical assessement and hydrogeotechnical mapping on fracturated rock masses

Master thesis English OPEN
Meirinhos, João Miguel de Freitas;
  • Subject: Rock masses | GIS mapping | Hydrogeomechanics | Rock mechanics | Caldas da Cavaca hydromineral system | Maciços rochosos | Cartografia SIG | Hidrogeomecânica | Mecânica das rochas | Sistema hidromineral das Caldas da Cavaca

The present work aims to achieve and further develop a hydrogeomechanical approach in Caldas da Cavaca hydromineral system rock mass (Aguiar da Beira, NW Portugal), and contribute to a better understanding of the hydrogeological conceptual site model. A collection of se... View more
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