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Publication . Conference object . 2019

Geohistorical FAIR data: data integration and Interoperability using the OntoME platform

Beretta, Francesco; Alamercery, Vincent; Derks, Sebastiaan; Petram, Lodewijk; Schneider, Jonas;
Published: 09 Oct 2019
Publisher: HAL CCSD
Country: France
International audience; The poster focus on the basic workflow of model alignment and data integration that can be built using the Ontology management environment OntoME application in connection with the virtual research environment Geovistory ( The integration of data from different sources is based on an explicit documentation of each original model, then on the alignment of these models with classes and properties designed within the conceptual framework of CIDOC CRM (ISO 21127:2014). For this purpose, new classes and properties close to the research domain can be added in OntoME within namespaces dedicated to the different projects. They will then be aligned with the more abstract classes of CIDOC CRM in order to achieve data interoperability.The poster present the essential steps and first results in the process of integrating data from different sources carried out in the Huygens ING/CLARIAH Geovistory pilot project ( The aim of this project is to import sets of data into the Geovistory online application, currently developed by Kleio Lab GmbH, in order to allow historians to reuse the data, analyze it and visualize it. At the end of the process, the wrangled data can be made available to other researchers and the public on a human readable webpage or a SPARQL endpoint.

Virtual research environment, FAIR principles, Ontology Building Methodology, Digital history, CIDOC CRM, [SHS.HIST]Humanities and Social Sciences/History, [INFO.INFO-MO]Computer Science [cs]/Modeling and Simulation