Descriptions of “Feeling” (vedanā) , “Ideation” (samjñā), and “the Unconditioned” (asamskrta) in Vasubandhu’s Pañcaskandhaka and Sthiramati’s Pañcaskandhakavibhāsā

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Kramer, Jowita;
  • Publisher: Komitet Nauk Orientalistycznych PAN
  • Subject: Buddhism, philosophy, Abhidharma, Vasubandhu, Sthiramati

This article focuses on three passages of Vasubandhu’s “[Treatise] on the Five Constituents of the Person” (Pañcaskandhaka) and its commentary by the 6th-century Indian scholar Sthiramati, the Pañcaskandhakavibhāsā. The three parts dealt with here comprise t... View more
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