Analog fourier transform channelizer and OFDM receiver

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  • Publisher: United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Subject: 370/203 | 370/206 | 370/208 | 370/210 | 375/260 | 375/340 | 375/350 | G06G7/1921 | H04L27/265

An OFDM receiver having an analog multiplier based I-Q channelizing filter, samples and holds consecutive analog I-Q samples of an I-Q baseband, the I-Q basebands having OFDM sub-channels. A lattice of analog I-Q multipliers and analog I-Q summers concurrently receives the held analog I-Q samples, performs analog I-Q multiplications and analog I-Q additions to concurrently generate a plurality of analog I-Q output signals, representing an N-point discrete Fourier transform of the held analog samples, the I-Q signals having relative phase and magnitude representing bits in the OFDM sub-channels. The phase and magnitude may represent QPSK. Optionally, a phase shift decoder receives the analog transform I-Q output signals and generates a corresponding binary bit data.
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