The Design, Synthesis and Study of Mixed-Metal Ru,Rh and Os, Rh Complexes with Biologically Relevant Reactivity

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Wang, Jing;
  • Publisher: Virginia Tech
  • Subject: photodynamic therapy | mixed-metal | polyazine | DNA photocleavage | DNA photobinding | rhodium

A series of mixed-metal bimetallic complexes [(TL)2M(dpp)RhCl2(TL)]3 (M = Ru and Os, terminal ligands (TL) = phen, Ph2phen, Me2phen and bpy, terminal ligands (TL) = phen, bpy and Me2bpy ), which couple one Ru or Os polyazine light absorber (LA) to a cis-RhIIICl2 center ... View more
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