publication . Doctoral thesis . 1999

The effect of impaired dentin formation on dental caries:an experimental study in the molars of growing rats

Huumonen, S. (Sisko);
Open Access English
  • Published: 25 Mar 1999
  • Publisher: University of Oulu
  • Country: Finland
Abstract The effects of dietary sucrose and systemic glucocorticoid treatment on the response of the pulpodentinal complex to dental caries were examined in an experimental rat model. The possible role of dentinal caries on dentin formation was also examined. After 5-6 weeks of a dietary and/or medication period, the areas of dentin formation and dentinal caries were quantified in the molars of growing animals. Also the number and severity of caries lesions were estimated. The 43% sucrose diet significantly reduced dentin formation and increased dentinal caries progression. Although glucocorticoid medication alone reduced dentin formation, without dietary sucros...
Medical Subject Headings: stomatognathic systemstomatognathic diseases
free text keywords: dietary sucrose, glucocorticoid treatment, tooth
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169 references, page 1 of 12
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