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An Algebraic Approach to XQuery Optimization

May, Norman;
Open Access German
  • Published: 01 Jan 2007
  • Publisher: Universität Mannheim
  • Country: Germany
As more data is stored in XML and more applications need to process this data, XML query optimization becomes performance critical. While optimization techniques for relational databases have been developed over the last thirty years, the optimization of XML queries poses new challenges. Query optimizers for XQuery, the standard query language for XML data, need to consider both document order and sequence order. Nevertheless, algebraic optimization proved powerful in query optimizers in relational and object oriented databases. Thus, this dissertation presents an algebraic approach to XQuery optimization. In this thesis, an algebra over sequences is presented t...
ACM Computing Classification System: InformationSystems_DATABASEMANAGEMENT
free text keywords: 004 Informatik
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