Security in Context-aware Mobile Business Applications

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Tatli, Emin Islam (2008)
  • Publisher: Universität Mannheim
  • Subject: 004 Informatik

The support of location computation on mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs) has enabled the development of context-aware and especially location-aware applications (e.g. Restaurant Finder, Friend Finder) which are becoming the new trend for future software applications. However, fears regarding security and privacy are the biggest barriers against their success. Especially, mobile users are afraid of the possible threats against their private identity and personal data. Within the M-Business research group at the University of Mannheim, various security and privacy aspects of context-aware mobile business applications are examined in this thesis. After providing a detailed introduction to context-aware applications, the security challenges of context-aware applications from the perspectives of different principals (i.e. mobile users, the broker, service providers) are analyzed. The privacy aspects, the challenges, the threats and legal directives regarding user privacy are explained and illustrated by real-life examples. The user-centric security architectures integrated within context-aware applications are introduced as anonymity and mobile identity management solutions. The M-Business security architecture providing security components for communication security, dynamic policy-based anonymity, secure storage on mobile devices, identity management for mobile users and cryptography libraries is explained in detail. The LaCoDa compiler which automatically generates final Java code from high level specifications of security protocols is introduced as a software-centric solution for preventing developer-specific security bugs in applications.
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