Microscopic and macroscopic models for pedestrian crowds

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Makmul, Juntima (2016)
  • Subject: 510 Mathematik

This thesis is concerned with microscopic and macroscopic models for pedes- trian crowds. In the first chapter, we consider pedestrians exit choices and model human behaviour in an evacuation process. Two microscopic models, discrete and continuous, are studied in this chapter. The former is a cellular automaton model and the latter is a social force model. Different numerical test cases are investigated and their results are compared. In chapter 2, a hierarchy of models for pedestrian flows is derived. We examine a detailed microscopic social force model coupled to a local visibil- ity model on the one hand and macroscopic models including the interaction forces and a local visibility term on the other hand. Particle methods are applied to solve these models. Numerical experiments are explored and com- pared on the microscopic as well as on the hydrodynamic and scalar models.
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