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Syarif, Syafruddin ; Katu, Umar ; Suyuti, Saidah (2006)
  • Publisher: Jurnal Ilmiah ELEKTRIKAL ENJINIRING
  • Subject: Electro-Optical, | Fiber optic | SONET | multimedia grade index
    arxiv: Physics::Optics

Optical Fiber communication system is a communication system using fiber optic as a transmission media. This communication system is able to transmit information in high capacity and high fidelity. Fiber optic consist of cylinder glass, the inside part of the cylinder is called core surrounded a cladding. The outside part of this cylinder made by elastic plastic called coating. ?? Based on the bias index and the waves mode in light propagation, optic fiber can be elassified into multimode step index, multimode grade index and single mode step index. The strandart for it has been approved by CCITT If we need to have a relatively permanent connectio, we use splicing method, while optical connector is more effective in finantial. Optic fiber has a hight potential Band Width and rate data become it is able to transmit rate date in Gbps tens kilometers. The benefit of optic fiber communication compared to twisted pair and coaxial cable will be more visible as the demand of information transmittion such as voice, data, ficture, and video incroases.
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