Sustainable development in urban areas

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Górecki, Jarosław ; Czaplewska, Ewa (2016)
  • Publisher: BGJ Consulting
  • Subject: eco-urban-projects | system | sustainable development | project | bicycle-sharing

Like in other EU countries, in Poland can be observed many ecological activities that play an important role in a balanced development of the society. Bicycle-sharing systems get more and more popular. In urban areas, tramway lines are being constructed. Local governments promote healthier and faster means of public transport. However, there are many problems waiting to be solved. This article describes a complexity of problems related to the sustainable development in urban areas. This kind of activity is represented by many different undertakings (projects) aiming for an improvement of human life while remembering about future generations. Like any project, eco-urban-projects have several important aspects that need to be considered (managed). Among them there are a cost, a scope and a schedule of the project. A quality seems very important too. Apart from the constraints represented by the Iron Triangle1, eco-urban-project planners and managers should remember about its uniqueness based on a significant impact on the environment. None undertaking is successful if it is not consulted with all stakeholders, especially those who are engaged in a dialogue on better development based on sustainability (e.g. civil society or public authorities). In the article, some examples of best practice for sustainable development in city areas were presented. A risk of ecourban-projects was discussed. Jarosław Górecki
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