Case report patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Váňová, Tereza (2012)
  • Subject: comprehensive rehabilitation; komplexní rehabilitace; rheumatoid arthritis; revmatoidní artritida; physiotherapy; fyzioterapie
    mesheuropmc: musculoskeletal diseases

Title of bachelors thesis: Case report patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis Summary: The work is focused on diseases rheumatoid arthritis and its physiotherapy care. It consists of two parts. Part of the general anatomy of the joint contains a general, deals with the disease rheumatoid arthritis, its diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation treatment. Part has its own special case report physiotherapy sessions on this topic. Key words: rheumatoid arthritis, comprehensive rehabilitation, physiotherapy Vypracovala: Tereza Vá ová Vedoucí bakalá ské práce: Mgr. Hana Dušková Rok obhajoby: 2012
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