Augmented reality

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Jecha, Jakub (2011)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: virtual object; počítač; marketing; augmented reality; virtuální objekt; computer; rozšířená realita; mobilní zařízení; mobile device

This thesis is focused on a technology called Augmented reality, especially on its use in marketing. The main objective of the thesis is to define why this technology is a suitable tool for marketing and to assess its use in real conditions. This is achieved by defining specific devices and use cases of this technology in practice, whereas evaluation of its use in real enviroment is based on statistics. The contribution of the thesis is objective evaluation of this technology and provision of data, sufficient to make a decision by individual or company, whether to use the technology in marketing or not. In first part of the thesis, emphasis is put on accurate evaluation of the technology, both from theoretical and practical point of view. The effort is to provide enough specific examples and statistics data to a reader. Second part is dedicated to testing of specific applications, which use augmented reality as a marketing tool.
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