publication . Bachelor thesis . 2011

Hatching synchrony in birds

Tippeltová, Zuzana;
Restricted Czech
  • Published: 01 Jan 2011
  • Country: Czech Republic
This bachelor thesis is about hatching synchrony in birds. Generally, among birds there are two types of hatching - asynchronous and synchronous- and the type of hatching is primarily determined by the time of the onset of incubation. In many bird species, including most precocial ones, incubation does not begin until the last egg has been laid, which results in hatching of all the eggs within a few hours. In synchronously-hatched broods, all the chicks are about the same age. Thus no single individual has an advantage in size or strength over any of its siblings in the nest. The survival probability is then similar for all chicks which maximizes number of fledg...
Medical Subject Headings: embryonic structuresanimal structures
free text keywords: snůška; vejce; líhnutí; ptáci
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