Soft And Hard Skills of Social Worker

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
HANTOVÁ, Libuše (2011)
  • Subject: tvrdé dovednosti; měkké dovednosti; social worker; sociální pracovník; dovednost; social work; hard skills; skill; sociální práce; soft skills
    acm: ComputingMilieux_THECOMPUTINGPROFESSION

The work deals with soft and hard skills relevant to the profession of social worker. The theoretical part at first evaluates and analyzes important soft and hard skills necessary for people working in the field of social work. Then these skills are compared. The practical part illustrates the use of soft and hard skills in practice by means of model scenes and deals with the preferences in three groups of people ? students of social work, social workers and people outside the sphere, namely those who are neither studying social work nor working in social sphere ? who were questioned, which soft and hard skills listed in the theoretical part they prefer. The practical part then compares the three views and shows the differences in preference for soft and hard skills relevant to social worker.
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