Teamwork in adventure racing

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Šavrňák, Ondřej (2011)
  • Subject: motivation; team members; tým; communication; komunikace; motivace; team roles; team; členové týmu; týmové role
    acm: ComputingMilieux_PERSONALCOMPUTING

Title: Teamwork in Adventure racing Goals: The main goal is to make up the chapter about an ideal teamwork in Adventure racing. And so, to help starting teams but also help experienced teams to learn about their lacks in cooperation and to shift teamwork level above. Method: We used the method of literature retrieval from books, articles and researches. Results: It is very hard task to define ideal teamwork, we would not find same two teams in the world and therefore each team suits something else. However, I believe that this work provide instructions on how to start for beginners and that it shows experienced ones the way how to improve teamwork and cooperation. It would also attract new enthusiasts to Adventure racing. Key words: team, team members, cooperation, communication, motivation, team roles
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