Land grabbing v kontextu tzv. nového geopolitického dělení Afriky

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Pantůčková, Klára (2015)
  • Subject: development; new world powers; land grabbing; nové geopolitické dělení Afriky; New Scramble for Africa; rozvoj; investice do zemědělství; nové světové mocnosti; agricultural investments; Etiopie; Ethiopia; Sub-Saharan Africa; zábory půdy; subsaharská Afrika

This thesis examines two phenomena of the current global politics, land grabbing and the so-called New Scramble for Africa. It presents motives leading up to land grabbing, the impacts it causes, as well as the actors involved and recommendations for the future. The phenomenon is explained on an example of land grabbing in Ethiopia. The second part of the thesis focuses on both historical and actual relations of the region of Sub-Saharan Africa with foreign actors, in particular with recently emerged new economic powers. I reviewed land grabbing and New Scramble for Africa as two associated phenomena with regard to their mutual interconnection and common historical background.
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