Emanuel Rádl a náboženství

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Píša, Josef (2008)

Diploma thesis "Emanuel Rádl and Religion" deals with Radl's philosophy of religion. Author tries to explain basic ideas of Radl's philosophy. He describe Radl's thoughts in motion. Author tries to defend it's recency for nowadays science and philosophy. The main topic of the thesis is Rádl's thoughts on Christianity and his refusal of oriental religions 'and phiIosophies. Rádl described dangerous tendencies in European thinking at the beginning of Twentieth Century. He predicted rise of racism and communism in his books. Author tried to describe influences on Radl's thougts from T. G. Masaryk, J. L. Hromadka and Friedrich Nietzsche. Author also shows consequences of Radl's philosophy to Jan Patocka works on purpose of Czech history.
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