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Publication . Master thesis . 2017

Drugs with teratogenic activity

Łuńská, Rut;
Published: 01 Jan 2017
Country: Czech Republic
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hradec Králové Department: Department of Pharmacognosy Head of thesis: doc. PharmDr. Lenka T mová, Csc. Student: Bc. Rut Łu ská Title of the thesis: Teratogenic drugs The aim of this diploma thesis is to give an overview of teratogenic drugs. The work approaches the problems of teratogenesis, factors affecting teratogenicity, distribution of teratogens, classification of medication in pregnancy and methods of teratogenicity study. An overview of teratogenic plants broken down by family with manifestation of teratogenicity and substances responsible for teratogenicity is given here. Most teratogenic plants were found in the Fabacae, Compositae and Lamiacae families. Alkaloids and terpenes are most often responsible for teratogenic effects. In addition, the work focuses on the negative effects of cannabis, tobacco smoking and caffeine on the course of pregnancy. Keywords: teratogen, medicinal plant, drug, pregnancy

plant; breast feeding; těhotenství; teratogenic activity; kojení; Droga; Drug; rostlina; pregnancy; teratogenní účinek

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