Vztah Izraele a Íránu prizmatem jaderného programu

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Hrbková, Aneta (2014)
  • Subject: Izrael; íránský jaderný program; izraelsko-íránské vztahy; Írán; izraelský jaderný program

This thesis deals with the relations between Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the context of nuclear program. Israel and Iran are situated in the Middle East and both of countries have their own nuclear program. Although states are not contiguous, Israel and Iran be feel threatened by a nuclear program. Especially the Iranian nuclear program is one of the most urgent issues of global security. At first, the thesis describes Iranian and Israeli motives to gain nuclear weapons, as well as individual development acquiring nuclear program. In conclusion, the work outlines the relationship between Israel and Iran since the revolution to the present, and whether the relationships were affected nuclear program.
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