Gender labelling of toys in children of preschool age

Bachelor thesis Slovak RESTRICTED
Knapeková, Lívia (2016)
  • Subject: play; toy; toy car; doll; gender; predškolský vek; hračka; bábika; hra; preschool age; autíčko
    mesheuropmc: behavior and behavior mechanisms | human activities | behavioral disciplines and activities | psychological phenomena and processes

The bachelor thesis deals with preschool children's play in the context of gender. The theoretical part is divided into three main chapters. The first one is devoted to the essence of play and its function for the child, the second one describes the main areas of child development at preschool age and the last chapter is devoted mainly to gender socialization and role of play in it. The practical part has the form of semi- structured interviews, which aimed to find out the extent of gender definition of children at this age and how it is reflected in the selection of toys or during an imaginative play. The research results have shown that children at this age think about toys from a gender perspective, prefer toys designed primarily for their gender category and refuse gender-atypical toys. The research has also found that less than half of the children have a toy typical of the opposite gender category in their homes. Finally, this research based on the children's ideas about playing with typical girls' and boys' toys traces actions occurring during children's play with these toys. Powered by TCPDF (
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