Sport a právo duševního vlastnictví-zejména autorskoprávní aspekty

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Zikl, Jan (2011)
  • Subject: Autorská práva; Sport; Copyright; Český a americký pohled; Czech and American approach

Sports and Intellectual Property Law - Copyright Focus Intellectual property affects with bigger or lower intensity almost all areas of modern society, sports not being an exception. Inventions of new technologies allow sportsmen and sportswomen to reach better results and to compete in new sports disciplines. Impact of broadcasting rights and branding of teams and their sponsors were detrimental to financial grow of sports and allowed sports to become a quasi-religion for many people round the world. Audience is attending sports for mental satisfaction and other reasons similar to those for visiting theater. In antic Greek Olympics were sportsmen in direct competition with poem writers or rhetoricians. This thesis focuses on copyright ability of "Sports" itself (term "Sports" is used in this thesis as including sports moves/complexes of sports moves and sports events). In "Part 1 - Introduction" is discussed the role of intellectual property in sports and the role of sports in modern society in general but yet with more details. Farther, in part 1 are set forth definitions of terms used later in the thesis. Part 2 examines the legal possibility of copyrighting sports first from the U.S. point of view - where this matter was already brought to attention by several scholars and several papers have...
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