Internet and computer crimes

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Janýšková, Zuzana (2010)
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INTERNET AND COMPUTER CRIME (SUMMARY) The purpose of this thesis is to provide an introduction to the basic problems of Internet and computer crime (furthermore also "cyber crime"), which is a type of crime that is still relatively new, but fast developing in a similar pace as the information technologies. The thesis contains seven substantial chapters. First chapter is an introduction of this thesis, which focuses on its structure and summary of the content. Second chapter presents the most important concepts and issues concerning Internet and computer crime, describes its special features, such as independence on the physical world, high latency, specifics of cyber criminals in comparison with other criminals, or perception of cyber crime by the society. Third chapter deals with Czech substantial criminal law concerning cyber crime. It mentions both criminal code, which is in force and effect at the date of finishing this thesis, and past criminal code, which was repealed at the end of last year (2009), after almost fifty years of being in effect. Fourth chapter consists of several separate subchapters, each of them concerns one selected type of cyber crime. While selecting the computer crimes for chapter four, the author's aim was to introduce a few types of cyber crime that currently belong to the most...
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