Assessment of Teacher of Nursing Subjects by Pupils and Students

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Bednářová, Markéta (2006)
  • Subject:
    mesheuropmc: education

The dissertation Assessment of a teacher of nursing subjects by pupils and students focuses on finding the opinion of pupils of secondary nursing schools and students of higher nursing schools and universities on teachers of nursing. The subject of the interest was particularly qualities and skills of the nursing teachers which pupils and students consider important and desirable. The theoretical part of the work summarizes conclusions from thematically similar studies. The empirical part of the work describes the applied quantitative research carried on by the indirect inquiry method with 805 respondents (out of this number was 74 men and 731 women) - pupils and students of secondary and higher nursing schools and universities specialised on nursing. The respondents were chosen from fourteen schools, seven towns of a different size and five regions in order to ensure the representativeness of the sample. In terms of the gender structure the studied sample corresponds to the usual quantitative representation of men and women who study nursing at nursing schools. The original questionnaire which was drawn for this purpose was tested by two preliminary studies. The obtained results confirmed the basic hypothesis that images of pupils of an ideal nursing teacher are different from those of more matured...
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