Projekt managementu sportovní akce OVB Cup Praha 2013

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Fried, Jan (2013)
  • Subject: sport event management; marketing; sportovní akce; sponsorship; projektový management; sport event; sponzoring; management sportovní akce; futsal; project management

Title: Project of the sport event OVB Cup Praha 2013 management Objectives: The main objective is to create a project of management and marketing of the sport event OVB Cup Praha 2013. Methods: I chose these methods: participative observation, interview with the use of instructions, brainstorming method, competitor's analysis and SWOT analysis. Results: This thesis should result into a project that should enable the complete organization of the sport event OVB Cup Praha 2013. Generally, it will outline procedures that are needed to be undergone when organizing an sport event. Key words: futsal, sport event, sport event management, marketing, sponsorship
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