Pravděpodobnostní rozdělení v programu SAS

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Rosypal, Martin (2009)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: sas; add-in; zásuvné moduly; pravděpodobnostní rozdělení; probability distribution

The aim of this work is to elaborate the metodology of creation of custom add-ins for statistical application SAS Enterprise Guide and create one of these that would enable to simplify the calculation of quantiles, values of probability mass function (probability density function respectively) and cumulative distribution function and further based on user's specifications create an appropriate graph. In connection with content of this add-in, the presented work includes the recherche from background of twenty two probability distributions that are supported by SAS Enterprise Guide. Custom add-in is programmed in Visual Basic.NET language in development environment Visual Studio 2003, its source code and the codes of graphs, used in this work and the module itself, are due to their extent included in the attached CD. Theoretical part containing the recherche mentioned above is assessed in second and third chapter of this work, the methodology of creation of custom add-ins for SAS Enterprise Guide is described in fourth chapter and own add-in is introduced in chapter five.
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