Diabetes Mellitus

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  • Publisher: 徳島医学会
  • Journal: volume 60, issue 3-4, pages 75-79 (issn: 0037-3699)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1097/00000441-189507000-00005, pmc: PMC2385662
  • Subject: diabetic mortality | IGT | cardiac stroke | diabetes mellitus | Book Review | Article

Diabetic mortality rate in Tokushima Prefecture have been at the top on all prefecturesof Japan for these9years. The surveillance of health and nutrition in Tokushima showedthat the number of fatty or over-weighted people is higher, and that Tokushima people donot exercise enough. Even though, the estimated numbers of diabetic patients or candidatepatients are almost the average of Japanese.The characteristics of people in Tokushima are reported that A. the number of peoplewho are examined for diabetes is smaller, B. the number of people who are suspected to bediabetes and take further examination in clinic is smaller, C. the number of patients whocontinue to visit clinic and to take care is smaller, D, the number of patients who do notchange the bad life style is larger, and that E, the number of patients who have diabeticcomplications is larger compared to the Japanese average. A to E could explain the highmortality rate.Cardiac stroke is most important cause of diabetic patient’s death. To prevent fromcardiac stroke, not only the glucose control in diabetic patients but also the interference tolife style of impaired glucose tolerance is important. To find IGT, glucose tolerance testshould be tried to those whose fasting glucose levels and HbA1c are in reference range.I propose to organize a new surveillance of health, nutrition and diabetic treatmentwhich is reliable stastically and scientifically. It is essential to decrease diabetic mortalityrate in Tokushima and promote people’s good quality of life. I anticipate the collaborationof Tokushima prefecture, medical doctors, co-medical workers and patients.
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