Analysis and comparison of biometric methods

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Zatloukal, Filip;
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: attendance system; biometrický systém; implementation; implementace; verifikace; docházkový systém; kritérium; identification; verification; test; biometrie; biometrics; identifikace; biometric system
    acm: InformationSystems_MISCELLANEOUS | ComputingMethodologies_PATTERNRECOGNITION | Data_MISCELLANEOUS | ComputerApplications_MISCELLANEOUS | ComputingMethodologies_IMAGEPROCESSINGANDCOMPUTERVISION

The thesis deals with biometrics and biometric systems and the possibility to use these systems in the enterprise. Aim of this study is an analysis and description of selected types of biometric identification methods and their advantages and shortcomings. The work is d... View more
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